Letter to the Editor: Sad Comparison

I respectfully ask people to not forget:

While we keep hearing cries of unfair treatment and reporting, here’s the difference between Obama and Trump. President Obama was criticized for the un-presidential behavior of having his jacket off in the Oval Office, drinking a Budweiser when that company is now owned by a Belgium company, and using elitist French Dijon mustard on his burger. Trump on the other hand made fun of the disabled reporter, threatened nuclear war for no good reason, praised the Neo-Nazis, stole the election by colluding with Russia, lied about Mexico paying for the ridiculous border wall, denies science, pardoned a convicted unrepentant racist, tried to strip healthcare from millions of citizens, slandered Mexicans, banned Muslims, hired white supremacists, committed nepotism by hiring his family, alienated our allies, complimented dictators, withdrew from the Paris Accord, obstructed justice, and is violating the emoluments clause on a daily basis.

So all things considered, it is a pretty sad comparison.


Mike Serpe

West Jacksonport, Wis.

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