Letter to the Editor: Saddened by Book World Closures

I was saddened to see Book World going out of business. When up in Door County I spend way too much time (and money) in bookstores. While the area has numerous wonderful used bookstores, Peninsula Bookman, William Caxton Books, etc., if you wanted to check out the latest bestsellers Book World was it, not to mention a great magazine selection. Troglodyte that I am, I buy real books from real bookstores, not Amazon. Do I pay more for said books? Yup! But you know what, I’d rather spend a few extra bucks to support a real bookstore, even Barnes & Noble down here in the Madison area, big box bookstore that it is, still deserves my patronage! I find e-books repulsive and buying books online totally unfulfilling, so I guess I’ll just retreat to my cave with my books and newspapers and wait out the 21st century!


Hal Theisen

Cottage Grove, Wis.

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