Letter to the Editor: Senate Healthcare Bill With a Heart?

This week I learned that Medicaid funds health care for our most vulnerable – children, people with disabilities, and the poorest of families living under the poverty line – for example less than $12,000 per year (individuals), $24,600 (family of four), etc. Medicaid is the largest health insurance provider in our country. Currently, 75 million Americans receive their medical insurance through Medicaid. It provides care for 49 percent of all births in America, 30 percent of persons with disabilities, 60 percent of children with disabilities, 39 percent of all children, 75 percent of all kids under the poverty line.

The Senate Trumpcare bill is proposing an $880 billion cut in Medicaid benefits which is larger than the cut proposed by the House bill. The proposed Senate bill also has tax cuts of $1,000,000,000,000. Forty percent of these cuts will go to the top one percent of earners as well as companies such as health insurers, drug companies and medical device companies.

If the Senate and House approve this plan, we, and I mean all of us, will be taking health care monies from the poorest in our nation and most vulnerable and giving it to the rich. Donald Trump made a campaign promise that he would not cut Medicaid. He also says he wants a health care bill with “heart” that isn’t “mean.” Well the new Senate Trumpcare bill is mean, meaner than the House version, and only has heart for those who are wealthy.

Do you truly understand what sickness, possible deaths, and anguish will be caused by the passage of this bill especially to families and children?  Is this what America is all about? Contact Senator Ron Johnson, 202.224.5323, and Congressman Mike Gallagher, 202.225.5665, and tell them to come up with a better plan for all Americans. Speak out. Stand up. We want a health care plan with heart!

Trish Black

Sister Bay, Wis.

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