Letter to the Editor: Send Gallagher to Washington

It’s rare that I get the chance to know someone personally who is running for office, especially for a congressional seat. When I first met Mike Gallagher about five months ago I remember feeling like I was talking to someone just like me. I could tell he was sincere and shared the same passion I do to see real change in our nation and in Washington.

When someone runs for office, their character and sincerity matter to me just as much as the issues do. I can confidently say that as I’ve gotten to know Mike I have found him to be a person of honor and integrity who truly wants to fight for the people of this district. He has the attitude of wanting to serve others, which makes sense since he’s a Marine Veteran. Whether it be leading as a commander of intelligence teams during his two tours in Iraq, or serving as a Human Intelligence/Counterintelligence Officer and Regional Affairs Officer in the Middle East and North Africa, or now working as a leader in the private sector at an energy company out of Green Bay, he has an impressive background that I believe uniquely qualifies him for the job.

He has strong convictions and a moral compass, but has always shown an interest in hearing the concerns of the people he’s talking to. Mike Gallagher is a regular citizen like you and me, who has answered the call by the people of his community to run for office to serve the people of the eighth congressional district. I strongly believe he will work hard to solve problems and will fight to restore power back to the people where it belongs, instead of fighting to keep power in the hands of a few in Washington. I hope you will join me in giving him the opportunity to serve you by voting for Mike Gallagher in the August 9th primary, the first step in sending him to Washington to fight for us.


Stephanie Soucek

Sturgeon Bay, Wis.

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