Letter to the Editor: Something’s Missing in Egg Harbor

Christine Tierney has owned and operated Christine’s Casuals & Classics for 37 years and has decided to retire.

I have decided to spend time with my grandchildren and nature (traveling). I could not go without saying goodbye to my outstanding customers who have supported me all these very memorable and successful years. You have provided me with enormous joy and stories to fill the rest of my many, many years to come.

First to acknowledge my esteemed employee of 22 years, Monica Haen. She has been my sales associate/manager, chef, travel companion, buyer, nurse, top-notch adviser on life, love and the pursuit of happiness.

Over the years I have heartwarming stories. Finding just the right outfit for women who have survived breast cancer surgery,  making them feel so good about themselves, helping a mother find an outfit for her daughter who was tragically killed, as we cried together. From the joys of births to sadness in death we shared all the emotions and became lifelong friends. There were beautiful dresses for weddings, graduations, rehearsal dinners and travels around the world. The men would sign the guest book and write “My wife always looked ‘hot’ in whatever she bought at Christine’s.” And my dresses I understand saved marriages and brought two people together like Maggie who met the man of her dreams while on a cruise wearing a stunning strapless dress – he claims it was the dress that brought him across a crowded room to say hi.

Sam and Maggie have been together for 10 years – and she told me not to change the names.

Do you all remember the stage on the lawn for many years for live fashion shows with nine models and Steve Sherman playing the music that stopped traffic on Highway 42. Many awards were won along the way:  First place for holiday decorations, a beautification award, 37 years of Santa in the New Year’s Day Parade.

I can’t forget the crazy fun stuff, like floats in all the parades. I think 78½ parades – I ran out of gas once in front of the store.

My favorite float was “Win this car with a $5,000 purchase at Christine’s also “Clothes Boil, boil your old clothes and buy new at Christine’s,” and we dressed men up in women’s clothes because “we can make anyone look good.”

The many employees I mentored over the years that went on to open Bloomingdale’s across the country. My thanks for their loyalty when I had two stores, one also in Fish Creek.

There was always excitement in the store, a llama, a python (brought in by a friend), chipmunk, birds, cats and always dog friendly. So to all you wonderful customers, employees, friends I say so long and thanks for some of the most memorable hugs, laughs and tears in all those years. Good luck to me – and Monica and to Beverly and Betty, who were always here these last three, four years.

Please welcome Kate and Sara that took over my space. With a bit of a heavy heart I say so long – never goodbye – I could show up somewhere again!


Christine Tierney

Egg Harbor, Wis.

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