Letter to the Editor: Stony Ridge Problems Not Acceptable

We collectively are complaining that Keith Garot, Developer of Stony Ridge, is not completing the construction of that development along with constructing the road to connect Northwoods Drive to the other roads in Stony Ridge.

We have put up with the blasting, digging, and grinding on that property most of last summer. The noise and dust was horrific! Our animals were terrorized and our homes were shook from the foundations on up. Sometimes the blasters didn’t let us know in advance that they were setting off the dynamite charges. The trucks backing up and down our road at 6:30 am jolted us up almost every day.

The Sister Bay Inn had guests leave because of all the noise behind them and now are facing the dust blowing into the pool and into the units while doing their spring cleaning.

We now hear that the developer is in arrears in paying his contractors and that the development is not going forward quickly. We also heard that the developer also owes the village a considerable amount of money.

This is not acceptable. We protest that our road isn’t being finished as promised by the developer. Some property owners are trying to sell their homes and this is unacceptable.

Tell us, Village of Sister Bay, what you plan to do!

Northwoods Estates property owners (Marguerite Dalton and Lee Kellum, James Dalton, Ellen Goodrich, Keith and Vivian Nienow, Becky and Pete Goral, Kim and Cliff Anderson) and The Sister Bay Inn

Sister Bay, Wis.

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