Letter to the Editor: Stop Those Who Want to Control City

My comments are directed at the citizens of the 1st District of the City of Sturgeon Bay. It is of the utmost importance that you get out and vote on April 4th. Many people feel that these local elections are not of any importance, so they fail to turn out and vote. These local elections are extremely important for our city. They will determine the direction our city will move in the future.

My final comments on the matter needs a great deal of consideration for you to think about as you enter the voting booth on election day. A suggestion for the people who work at the shipyard, and live in the 1st District: It would be for your well being to vote for Dan Wiegand. A man who will totally look out for your well being and that of the city. If you want our city to grow, prosper and move forward, vote for Dan Wiegand.

To the voters in the other districts in the city. Be sure you vote for the following:

3rd District: David Ward

5th District: Brian Peterson.

7th District: Joe McMahon.

There is a group out there trying to take control of your city. We can’t let that happen.

David W. Gessert

Sturgeon Bay, Wis.

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