Letter to the Editor: Sturgeon Bay Is Moving Forward

I have noticed a few letters coming from people outside of Sturgeon Bay about how Sturgeon Bay should be run and what should not be built there. Recently there was one saying Mayor Thad Birmingham would not respond to his emails about what he wanted in Sturgeon Bay and how he felt about certain issue. I must say that Mayor Birmingham has also responded to my emails and is very cordial when I run in to him out for dinner. At Rotary every week he is also more than happy to engage and listen to issues about Sturgeon Bay. Of course I live in, pay taxes in, and vote in Sturgeon Bay! For the record, he did all this before I began to support him running for mayor this year. Sturgeon Bay is moving forward and most of us want to keep heading in that direction.


Scott Bader

Sturgeon Bay, Wis.



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