Letter to the Editor: Support for Colleen Nordin

It is a very important vote this coming Tuesday, August 9, for the District Attorney election. Mr. Pelrine recently stated he is experienced and an answerable candidate. Mr. Pelrine’s credentials/experience and other input was just vetted by State of Wisconsin attorneys the last few months. Ray Pelrine then lost the race to be appointed the Circuit Court Judge of Door County.

State of Wisconsin attorneys participated in the review process and provided input to Governor Walker and the final decision to appoint not Mr. Pelrine, but a more qualified Mr. David Weber Door County Circuit Court Judge.

Attorney Colleen Nordin is vibrant and her platform speaks to the heart of the family. I had communicated to Colleen how I like her idea of diversion programs. Drug addiction and especially heroin addiction is growing in Door County.

I am a father that painfully experienced six years of heroin’s attacks on young people. Colleen is on the right path to help those falling into the grips of dreaded heroin. I am voting for Colleen Nordin to be our next Door County District Attorney and she will be fabulous along with newcomer Judge David Weber.

I leave the following written by Ms. Colleen Nordin, “I decided to run for this position because I think as a community, we deserve a leader that will pursue justice in a balanced and thoughtful way, without compromising our community’s values and beliefs.”


Paul Larsen

Baileys Harbor, Wis.


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