Letter to the Editor: Take Action

As we ponder the questions raised yet again by another school shooting, I have to say that, finally, this time, after failing to stand up and act after Sandy Hook, I am writing to each of my state congress members and to each of my U.S. congress members to tell them that if their records show no intelligent action on addressing gun sales, mental health, and related issues, they will lose my vote.

Will they care? Probably not. But if everyone who has watched the 24/7 news coverage of these tragedies over and over were to do the same, maybe these so-called representatives of the people would try to do something to make a true difference – no, not just a nod to look like they care but a gutsy reaction to a human problem of overwhelming importance.

Can we stand by and go tsk tsk and say well the world is going to hell, or can we do our very best to at least take an action, be it ever so small, and not just say well there’s nothing I alone can do about this.

Oh yes there is because we are all connected in this mysterious journey through life, we are often parents and if not we are certainly the children of parents! No parent, no family member should have to grieve over horrors like these.

We are fighting an evil that needs to be faced. A young student from the Broward County high school spoke so logically about the matter today and his remarks should spur on everyone who considers him/herself to be an adult.

We recall the famous statement that suggests evil occurs when good men do nothing. It’s so easy to do nothing.

What if everyone who suffers shock, compassion, grief and disgust were to actually write their representatives and promise to oust them from office unless they do something, and mean it – what might happen then?

Politics promotes self-interest and fear of powerful lobbies, fear of losing one’s job, fear of being labeled negatively for speaking truth. Politicians, we say to you, get over yourselves. Battle for the children, for the future, for decency. Is anybody listening?

Barbara Axelson

Egg Harbor, Wis.

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