Letter to the Editor: Tax Reform Hogwash

Imagine you are in a room with 100 people. You have $100 which is supposed to be distributed fairly within the group. You decide that the richest person in the room is going to get $61. The other 99 people will have the remaining $39 distributed among them. That will result in an average of about 39 cents per person for all the rest.


The GOP Congress apparently thinks so, because that’s basically what will be happening if the current “tax reform” plan is approved. Yes, in Wisconsin the richest one percent of our population will receive 61 percent of the proposed tax break. They will reap hundreds of thousands of dollars. A middle class person like myself will see about $600.

I’m not saying that tax reform is not needed. I’m just saying that the idea of the current “tax reform” plan being for the middle class is hogwash.



Pam H. Jacobs

Brussels, Wis.

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