Letter to the Editor: Tears for My Democratic Party

My eyes are saddened with the pompous, acrimonious performance by the Democrat senators who fell into line, like following the sheep with the bell around its neck, to condemn Senator Al Franken for those accusations of sexual harassment. Yes, it is bad what he did, with the photo as well, but with politicians seeking opportunities for political correct statements and photo ops for their future re-elections, I have to be suspicious of the real intent. Where are these democrats with the man in the oval office who admitted on tape of his sexual groping of women?  As well as their lacking finery comments regarding those women who have accused the same oval office guy of sexual harassment? Where are the same television photo ops of them pressuring the oval office guy to resign?

This may seem as if the Democrats saw this as an opportunity to crucify one of their own to gain political 2018 strength; perhaps absurd to think this way, but politicians spend significant time for re-election at all costs.

Yes senators, one has a right to criticize others, but be careful of glass walls, and be careful of being so high on the mountain that your viewpoint is only what matters. Now with Senator Franken’s resignation the political system removed his opportunity for any ethical hearing in the senate.

Meanwhile my tears continue about my Democrat party and what it has come down to in this past week.


Roger Benedict

Sister Bay, Wis. and Rockford, Ill.

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