Letter to the Editor: Ted Cruz Is Scary

The claims made by Ted Cruz that he is a religious conservative constitutionalist are not what we think of as American in this day and age. He does not want to accept all people as equal, as it states in the Constitution.

The first amendment to the Constitution separates church and state and mandates that the government cannot tell its citizens what religion to practice. We have religious freedom. You are allowed to attend the church of your choice, so why are some southern Republican-controlled states creating laws to “protect religious freedom?” Apparently they feel they need a law to allow them to discriminate against people they don’t like. Is that what Jesus or God would do?

If they believe that the government should not tell you what religion to follow then the first amendment, separation of church and state, also means that religions should not tell the government how to govern!

We talk of America as the land of freedoms, yet many governments in various states make laws on religious beliefs and get in the way of women and their doctors. What kind of freedom is that? They also deny aid to the poor and helpless by de-funding clinics that help these people. Is that what Jesus or God would do?

Ted Cruz, the religious one, wants to “carpet bomb” our enemies; who cares what happens to any innocent people in the way? He also shut down the federal government, forcing many people to lose income and services. But he still received his big salary and benefits as U.S. Senator!

He is backed and supported by the Citizens United-loving Koch brothers’ big money donors. Conservative means to keep things as they are and not to change. Progressive is to make changes that help improve the country. The founding principles of this nation did not say that “corporations are people,” as Mitt Romney claimed four years ago, and did not intend that a law like Citizens United be passed.

All those people who are fed up with Washington will continue with the same big money politics if they vote for Cruz. Nothing will change, or maybe it will get worse.


Charlotte Lukes

Egg Harbor, Wis.

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