Letter to the Editor: Thank You, Sturgeon Bay Common Council

On Tuesday, March 21, the City of Sturgeon Bay common council unanimously passed (7-0) a resolution calling upon “…the Wisconsin State Legislature, and our locally elected state representatives, to provide the voters of the state with the opportunity to speak through a non-binding state-wide referendum asking if they, the voters, support an amendment to the United States Constitution stating: (1) Only human beings – not corporations, unions, SuperPACs or similar associations – are endowed with individual constitutional rights, and (2) Money is not speech, and therefore limiting political contributions and spending in not equivalent to restricting political speech.”

Sturgeon Bay became the first Door County municipality to adopt this call to action and the 97th community in Wisconsin to support it either through a Resolution or a Referendum.

I, along with co-founding member Jim Black of Door County: United to Amend, want to express our sincere appreciation to the council for taking the lead and giving this important effort its first “official voice” in the county. Their support will help push this nonpartisan initiative up a very steep political hill.

I urge all Sturgeon Bay residents who are concerned with the amount of money pouring into and distorting our elections to say “Thank You” to your city council member. Let him or her know that you appreciate their willingness to get involved and tell our elected state and federal representatives to stand up for us – the people who elected them – and support a statewide referendum to give voters a chance to voice their opinion about unlimited money and influence in our elections.

For more information on DC-UTA contact: Dan Powers, [email protected], or Jim Black, [email protected].


Dan Powers

Sturgeon Bay

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