Letter to the Editor: Thank you, Sturgeon Bay!

As we near the end of “event season 2017,” the staff and board of directors of the Sturgeon Bay Visitor Center (SBVC), would like to say “thank you” to our community partners and the residents of Sturgeon Bay; a place that we’re lucky enough to call home.

There’s truly nothing that we love more than sharing Sturgeon Bay with our visitors and guests through our parades, festivals, fireworks, flowerpots, holiday lights, public art programs and so much more. But we also know that the community that we share is your home for your family and your employees, and we are incredibly thankful for your support.

Thank you to the City of Sturgeon Bay for recognizing our value and assisting us as we provide a “quality of life” that enhances the livelihood of our community. Thank you to the crews at the Parks Department, Sturgeon Bay Utilities and the Police and Fire Departments for your support in delivering hundreds of barricades and garbage cans, hanging snowflakes, holiday lights, and seasonal banners, and providing us with staff to make sure that everyone in attendance stays safe. We physically couldn’t do what we do without your assistance and we know that we are better in doing our job because of your support and guidance.

Thank you to the Door County Visitor Bureau for your commitment and leadership as you promote Door County throughout the nation. We learn from your expertise and appreciate the financial support through community marketing dollars that you provide to all of the community visitor centers. Those dollars allow us to market our individual communities to those that you’ve brought here and are integral to our operations.

Thank you to our member partners, as you are the reason that we exist. Being a membership based organization, we understand that sometimes your support is not solely because you’re a lodging, dining, or retail entity, but simply because your business understands that your support strengthens Sturgeon Bay as a community. In addition to your membership, you fund our public art programs and our flowers, our holiday lights and our ice blocks. Thank you for recognizing that membership is so much more than simply having a place to put your brochure and a spot on our website.

Lastly, thank you to all of you that attended our events, that purchased food and beverages from our partner non-profits, that volunteered to help, or that sent a note of thanks and encouragement. I always say that I love what we do because we are part of everyone else’s “memory making.”

Thank you, Sturgeon Bay, for being part of those memories and take pride in the community that we continue to create…together.


Pam Seiler, Executive Director, Sturgeon Bay Visitor Center

Sturgeon Bay, Wis.

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