Letter to the Editor: Thank You

Sincere thanks to all who helped support our campaign for the First Assembly seat. Whether you put a yard sign up, found room for a larger sign, canvassed, opened your home for meetings, or helped in the numerous other ways many of you did – Thank you! Thank you to all who voted for me. While not successful in obtaining the First Assembly seat, so much was accomplished since March when I announced that I would be running. It has truly been a pleasure meeting so many in northeast Wisconsin, and offered the privilege of speaking to you and visiting in your homes, and on your porches. I attended many new events during the race – that confirmed why it is that we call this special place home. Much work lies ahead of all of us, and I ask that all continue to be engaged in both local and state issues, especially concerning the protection of our waters in northeast Wisconsin that are essential to our way of life, from our industries that rely on the Great Lakes, to fishing, recreation, and most importantly our water that each of us use daily, and rely on for drinking. I will most certainly see you out at meetings, public hearings and listening sessions. Please feel free to contact me through a phone call or drop by the farm.

Many thanks again.

With sincere appreciation,

Lynn Utesch and family

Kewaunee, Wis.

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