Letter to the Editor: Time for Appreciation, Satisfaction

It might be a good time during this slight September pause for us in Door County to take a moment to appreciate ourselves. Even to be satisfied with ourselves, which is a further step.

What a glorious place we live in. How well we have done with it. How endlessly creative we are. How good we are to each other.

And maybe to know how much of this has been given, earned by hard work and passionate effort, yes. And also somehow given. For which gratitude is the proper response.

The earth and the waters abound. Life energy abounds within each of us to carry us through. Our dreams abound and draw us forward together.

Art, music and theater are everywhere. New small businesses of individual ingenuity keep popping up and flourishing. By and large our government works well. Our network of nonprofits caring for the land, the waters, our people is amazing. And more.

Looking at national politics on the tube, you would think we cannot do anything together anymore. But we are doing it here and doing it with a lot of gracefulness.

Where we have our conflicts, we engage them vigorously without harming each other (except perhaps for a few egos.) That’s how the system is supposed to work.

In a world where every place begins to look the same, our city and villages and towns have enhanced their individual soul and beauty, thanks to good civic leadership, good citizenship, a lot of love.

If your mind works like mine, the minute I decide to take a moment and appreciate myself, even be a little satisfied with myself, immediately a voice in my head starts saying, “But we haven’t done this…” “But we messed that up…” “But we are no good at that…”

We all know that voice. It will always be there, insistent. We can always do better. Yet there is little peace in this. So this voice needs to be balanced with our voice of blessing. We can pause just a moment and appreciate ourselves. Even let ourselves be satisfied.


Tom Torinus

Egg Harbor, Wis.

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