Letter to the Editor: To Town of Gibraltar Voters

This is just a short letter to everyone in your town to tell you about Brian Hackbarth running for re-election. I work hard like you and try and make our area a better place to live and share with others. Brian thinks the same way. I have worked with him on many town projects and he truly works very hard to support our area without being afraid to get his hands dirty. From showing up to help unload fireworks for the Fourth of July on my barge to running a busy restaurant, he has demonstrated a strong work ethic that he carries with him into the political arena. He also listens to what needs to be done which is a far cry from the current town leadership. One only has to look at the recent fiasco of creating a new parking lot which was rammed down your throats by your board with little notification, no permits, no competitive bidding and against your consultant’s advice. Brian, and also Steve Sohns, were the lone voices of reason against that lunacy. Please support Brian to continue fighting for YOUR interests, and against the back door, good old boy politics.


Mike Kahr

Sturgeon Bay, Wis.

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