Letter to the Editor: Treat Everything with Respect and Care

This letter is intended for the woman walking down Beach Road on a lovely summer afternoon, enjoying the scenery, the beauty of our county, along with her dog. This letter is for that same woman who totally ignored said dog depositing a large pile on my lawn, and who then continued on down Mossy Cliff road, casually braiding her hair. This is to inform you that my yard, and all the other yards on our lovely road are not here for your convenience, to use when your dog needs walked. What on earth gives you the mindset that this is okay? Were you never taught consideration for others? Were you never taught common sense? Or perhaps you were, and simply choose to ignore these things. Our county and our road, our beaches and water are for all to enjoy and treat with respect and care. If you can’t understand these things and act accordingly don’t come back. You are not welcome.


Sharon Auberle

Sister Bay, Wis.


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