Letter to the Editor: Trump Is A Republican

There are now a few Republicans trying to put distance between themselves and Trump. There is no daylight between any Republican and Trump.

Ever since Nixon’s “Southern Strategy,” the Republican Party, and all Republicans, have courted the racists, haters and bigots to be the margin of victory so they could get their personal agendas through. Those who want lower income taxes, check; those who want abortion prohibited, check; those who want to exploit our country’s natural resources, check; those who want lower pollution regulation, check; those who want to privatize public education, check; those who want to privatize social security, check; those who want the right to work, check; those who want to eliminate the inheritance tax, check. Republicans know that they could never get elected on the basis of their agenda, their agenda has little public support. Hence the need to court the bigots, haters and racists for their margin at the ballot box.

Every single one of these special interests has knowingly and willingly courted and accepted the bigots, haters and racists who will vote Republican to get their agenda through, every one of them. Everyone knows that these haters, bigots and racists vote Republican, everyone knows what the dog whistles are for, hence the effort to “get out the vote.”

This is exactly what Trump is, a true Republican. His razor-thin margin of victory is solely attributable to the Alt Right, to the bigots, to the racists, to the haters. Trump courted these groups on purpose to get elected and he courts them now to try to intimidate those in Congress to keep him in power. Trump is a true Republican, through and through, this is what Republicans do to get power, to exercise power, to pursue agendas that have no public support and serve no public cause or purpose.

Any Republican who disavows Trump is two-faced. Trump is what they have wanted for generations.


Jim Riead

Egg Harbor, Wis.

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