Letter to the Editor: Trying to Make Them Listen

“Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all” – those words were composed as part of the Pledge of Allegiance in 1887 and formally adopted by Congress in 1942. More than something routinely recited in classrooms and at special events, those words are still

incredibly relevant today.

There is a movement crisscrossing America that goes by the name “Indivisible.” Nationwide there are more than 6,000 chapters, with at least two in every Congressional District. There are almost one dozen in Wisconsin’s District 8 here in Northeast Wisconsin. Indivisible is a nonpartisan movement that seeks to promote and preserve America’s institutions of Democracy, the accountability of elected representatives and an informed and voting public. In Door County there are three chapters (Northern Door,

Central Door and Southern Door) and together they have close to 200 active participants.

Our goal is to get our members of congress and other elected officials to listen to us, their constituents.

These groups meet regularly, but not often; we call our elected representatives regularly and often. We write letters and postcards and visit their district offices. We have held special events to draw attention to issues and individuals that deserve “special attention.”

In March we mailed postcards to the White House expressing our individual opinions on the new Administration, we participated in a Senator Ron Johnson Town Hall meeting (he didn’t show up) in Green Bay, we presented Rep. Gallagher with a thank-you cake

for his position against Trumpcare, and on May 6 we are sponsoring a Great March for a Great Lake to draw attention to proposed federal budget cuts to the EPA, the Great Lakes

Restoration Initiative, the Coast Guard, and NOAA. When our elected members of Congress do their jobs and represent all the people in their respective districts we applaud and compliment them. When they don’t we challenge them.

These are challenging times for America. If we are cracked apart into splinter groups with small voices, the monied interests empowered through the Citizens United Supreme Court decision will prevail. We must be an Indivisible force of American citizen voters if we want our Democracy to prevail. Join the movement. There is no cost to joining and by doing so you will receive information on how to contact your representatives and

regularly updated information on evolving state and national issues. While we are Indivisible, we are also Individuals. Everyone does what they can, what they feel compelled to do, and when they can do it. Don’t let current political forces divide us.

Together we are Indivisible we can’t be defeated; our democracy will prevail. Check us out on Facebook at Indivisible Northern Door County and for more detailed information contact Mike Brodd at [email protected]

Meg Vermillion

Ellison Bay, Wis.

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