Letter to the Editor: Vote for the Incumbents

Three incumbent trustees, Patrick Duffy, Kathy Enquist and Nora Zacek, are standing for re-election in the Village of Sister Bay on April 5th.

During the past several years the issue of quarry expansion dominated the Village conscience. The issue relegated all of the significant improvements such as the new beach, sewers, and streetscape to a lower status when these great changes should have been front and center.

Hundreds of residents signed a petition, voiced their opposition and wrote letters asking the Village Board to deny the quarry expansion.

Duffy, Enquist and Zacek heard the will of the community residents and voted to deny the request for expansion. They are also members of the Village Board that recently entered into a purchase agreement to buy the original quarry and end years of strife due to quarry operations.

Now, it is our chance to show our appreciation and provide support by voting for Duffy, Enquist and Zacek on April 5th.


Tom Sadler

Sister Bay, Wis.

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