Letter to the Editor: Vote for Laurel Brooks

A vote for Laurel Brooks for Mayor of Sturgeon Bay is a vote for better local government. Laurel Brooks is experienced, intelligent, and passionate and will be a great Mayor and spokesperson for the City of Sturgeon Bay.

It is long past time that the “good old boys” are thrown out of office here in Sturgeon Bay, and a new guard of younger, independent and qualified candidates be elected to our city council.

The City of Sturgeon Bay does not need a “tower of Babel.” Our City does not need another failed Tax Incremental Finance District.

Our City does need independent representatives who do not seek office or hold office to “feather their own nest.”

Our city does not need and should not continue to support a Mayor, whose two main self proclaimed and repeated comments are “no comments” to questions asked of him by citizens of our city, and who states that little or nothing was done of a positive nature in our city until he took office.


Attorney James O. Ebbeson

Sturgeon Bay, Wis.

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