Letter to the Editor: Vote for a New Voice

It is so encouraging to see someone like Kate Utizinger Shepard run for county board. Door County has been a big part of my family’s lives since 1962 and it is refreshing to see a newcomer embrace civic engagement. Kate is a bright and warm person with great personal charm and experience. Her young family is relatively new to Sevastopol but her extended family’s roots are deep. Her grandfather-in-law was Gerhard Miller whom I consider to be a pillar of our community, especially in the arts and culture.

What really excites me about Kate running is that she is challenging the community to reexamine our own leadership in a respectful way. As so often in small communities the same people stay in office uncontested year after year, which doesn’t beg a thoughtful reassessment of the well-worn ideas. The world is changing fast and even though we like things the way they are up here, we will need to adapt, especially when it concerns the environment, growth, housing and school safety. Each of these issues have different variables from 10 years ago, yet we have many of the same people in office for many many years. I commend Kate for speaking up and reaching out for the future of our county.


Stephanie Trenchard

Sturgeon Bay, Wis.

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