Letter to the Editor: Vote for Write-In Candidate Allmann

To my fellow District 5 residents in Sturgeon Bay: we have a wonderful write-in candidate to vote for in the April 4 election – Barb Allmann. Barb was a former member of the council, in a different district, until she moved to the 5th District, so she is familiar with how the council works, and how it should work. Those two things don’t always match, as we know from our struggles with our waterfront development plans, and our failed attempts to get the common council to move beyond their own personal agendas to a point where they will listen to and work with their constituents. Barb has promised that she would insist that our city government be responsive and transparent to the public.

It should be noted that Barb Allmann has been endorsed by Judy Dobbins, whose name will appear on the ballot for District 5, but who had to drop out because of health issues.

If you believe that our common council needs some new blood, that development and progress is about more than building a hotel, that our waterfront should belong to everyone, then please write in Barb Allmann’s name when you go to the polls.

And if you live elsewhere in the city, but are concerned about those same things, you also have wonderful candidates to vote for: District 1, incumbent Kelly Catarozoli; District 3, Martha Scully-Beller; District 7, Laurel Hauser.


Monica Sawyn

Sturgeon Bay, Wis.

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