Letter to the Editor: A Waste of Taxpayer Money

Trump signed an executive order forming a Voter Fraud and Election Integrity Committee. He is not a history buff, nor does he read, so apparently is not aware of the number of Republican-run states, like Wisconsin, that initiated new voter laws to combat voter fraud (which was never a proven problem).

If you are a voter you know how much identification you must present, plus write your signature, just to cast a ballot. Well, Trump feels that there were millions of illegal voters in the last presidential election because the number of votes for Clinton were about 3 million more than for him.

He can’t let go of this idea so must prove something that he will never get over and waste a lot taxpayer money doing that instead of dealing with national security and figuring how to prevent the Russians from hacking our next major elections.

The State Department still has hundreds of unoccupied posts which need to be filled by presidential nominations or appointments. A number of foreign countries have no U.S. ambassadors and yet he finds it is more important to tweet and insult many people he does not like.

We are stuck with a man of childish demeanor, no experience for the position, no interest in his job or the country and only trying to make himself look GREAT AGAIN, not America.

He has no respect for women. He has no respect for the office of President and he has no respect for himself. As one news commentator noted a few days ago, Trump is a morally bankrupt con man. That is what is representing the GOP and our country around the world. God help us!


Charlotte Lukes

Egg Harbor, Wis.

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