Letter to the Editor: Where’s the Common Sense?

I have not lived in Door County all of my life (former Green Bay resident), but I do know what common sense is. About four years ago while reading the Advocate and the city’s plan to build another hotel on the waterfront, I thought and said to my husband “duplication of services” and “they have got to be nuts!” I said these words because I had stayed at the lovely Stone Harbor Resort during the summer time to attend a class in Spanish Immersion for Business people. During my time at Stone Harbor it was never full to capacity, the eating areas were not overrun with people, the bar was not full and the patio had a nice number of people but no demanding crowds. It was relaxing but a little surprising not to see the huge crowds that are further north.

So, I followed the saga of the granary, attended a few city council meetings, spoke a few times and observed. I observed the same voting pattern each time 3-4. I observed people from the city stepping up and saying how the city needed to save the granary, I observed people pleading with the city to save the granary and I heard how the Door County Historical Society has the funds to save it. I heard my alderman say he talked to people in his ward and they didn’t want the granary, well Mr. Ward, I don’t know who you talked to, but you missed me. I heard people talking about the granaries they had seen in other towns that were city landmarks, I heard plans for how the granary could be used – a place for a bigger farmers market/craft fair with more parking, a place that would get the tourists off of the highway and driving into the city’s west side for shopping! A place that would bring tourists to our tug boats, our Maritime Museum and then through not around the city of historic Sturgeon Bay to see more. Door County would begin here and not up north. But no common sense prevailed and instead the council got the same votes as always 3-4. Now, I, and all of the people in Sturgeon Bay get to see their tax dollars spent to dismantle a building that could have been inspected, and rebuilt, or inspected and if standards not met, taken down and paid for by the Sturgeon Bay Historical Society. 1.25 million dollars! So, I have to ask you, the people of Sturgeon Bay, where is the common sense in this?


Carol Jensen-Olson

Sturgeon Bay, Wis.

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