Letter to the Editor: Write-In Candidate Seeks Support in Egg Harbor Election

If you are an Egg Harbor registered voter, or are about to register, I would like to kindly ask for your vote for president of the village board. Because many fellow concerned friends have encouraged me to run, I have decided I really would like this position and I feel we need a change of direction. After three years of experience being a village trustee, I strongly feel that we need to listen to all of the taxpayers, business owners and year around residents on an equitable basis. We need to get all of your opinions on possible up-coming projects to enhance Egg Harbor, which of course will raise your taxes.

Some important decisions are being made both at committee and board meetings that people are not aware of either because they are not attending the meetings or not reading about it online. Consequently, the few will make the decisions.

Approximately 92 percent of the collected real estate taxes come from homeowners and 8 percent from businesses…but all of you are important to the vitality of our unique village. I would vow to keep you informed if you are not here all year around and to those of you who live here all year, I would encourage you to come to any of our meetings and check out the agendas for the board or any of the committee meetings at I would be happy to communicate with any of you via email to keep you informed so that you do have a say in any future projects the various committees and the board is considering.

I have been going door to door and really have enjoyed meeting lots of you and as well as listening to your concerns. I care!

Please note that I am a write-in candidate…fill in the circle and please write my name in. Voting day is April 4 and if you are not going to be here, please stop by the village office to pick up an absentee ballot.

John Heller

Egg Harbor, Wis.