Letter to the Editor: Write In Stephen Seyfer on April 4 Ballot

Dear Gibraltar Area School District Voters,

You, the voters, will be given the opportunity to vote in the April 4 school board election.

My name will appear on the ballot. I made the decision in December to submit my Declaration of Candidacy based on the information available to me at the time. As many of you know, my family’s situation changed considerably toward the end of January. In the near future we will be relocating overseas.

If the law allowed me to withdraw my name from the ballot, I would. It does not. Because this is an uncontested election, it is likely for me to maintain my post. And because we will be relocating, my resignation, creating a vacancy prior to my term’s end, is imminent.

In the event of a vacancy on our School Board, Gibraltar’s policy allows the remaining members to fill the vacancy. This process is fair when an opportunity for the voters to choose isn’t available. However, it is election time, and I would be remiss to ask for your vote when I know I will not see out my term. Please do not vote for me. This is your school, and I believe you should have the opportunity to place a vote for an individual willing and able to commit to the District. In this situation, that will require you, the voter, to write in your choice.

In the last election, Stephen Seyfer received 1,392 votes. This shows me that a significant number of you know this outstanding individual will do what is best for our children.

Please do not vote for me. Please do write in Stephen Seyfer.

Wendy Minten

Fish Creek, Wis.