Letter to the Editor: Yes to PRAT

On April 3rd, Sturgeon Bay residents will have the opportunity to vote on whether we want visitors to help pay to have better roads or whether we want it solely on our real estate taxes. As an area business owner, I know my answer. I’m voting “yes” to support the Premier Area Resort Tax (PRAT).

When we visit other cities, we are all accustomed to paying additional taxes. Why not have those who use the roads help pay for the roads?

The Ad-Hoc Committee on Funding for Local Street and Infrastructure has determined that the City of Sturgeon Bay needs to increase street replacement and maintenance spending by approximately $720,000 per year. The Sturgeon Bay Common Council unanimously agrees on the need for the implementation of a Premier Resort Area Tax (PRAT). Implementation of the PRAT changes the target for street resurfacing from a 55-year cycle to a 25-year cycle. That’s good for business.

Our roads need repair. If we want visitors to continue to visit Sturgeon Bay, we need to fix our roads. I encourage you to vote yes.

Terry Ullman, Door County Candy

Sturgeon Bay, Wis.

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