Letter: Not Exactly a Ravaging of Nature

The most recent meeting of the Town of Liberty Grove on 16 Sept. last approved unanimously the recommendation of the town’s Highway Committee – also by unanimous vote – to award the bid for the tree cutting portion of the Beach Road Improvement project to Dave’s Tree Service in a low-bid amount of $11,212.50. Work will begin forthwith.

There are 135 trees which will be cut in the entire span of just less than three miles for Beach Road. There are 75 trees which are dead, dying, diseased or otherwise unhealthy, looming as a public safety hazard. The remaining 60 trees which are healthy have a trunk diameter ranging from 11/2” to 30”. This equates to one healthy tree being felled per each 493’ per side of Beach Road’s entire length; not exactly a ravaging of nature.

The cooperation among virtually all of Beach Road’s 115 property owners has been excellent, with a special note of thanks to the Beach Road Property Owners Association for hosting a “porch meeting” at the Rogers home last July and providing prompt communications to its members regarding this project.

Michael J. Walker, Chairman, Liberty Grove Highway Committee

Liberty Grove, Wis.

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