Letter: Sister Bay Has A “Small” Problem

Are you aware there is a quarry located in the Village of Sister Bay? It’s behind Shopko and the Mobil Station. Many people have, or had, no idea because it had been non-active for many years. It is owned and operated by Brandon Small who lives in the Appleton area.

When the Small family business actively began quarrying it, they proved to not be good neighbors. They violated the requirements placed on them by the Village of Sister Bay (i.e. watering to prevent dust from traveling outside the quarry, and illegal blasting) and were fined. They elected to plead guilty, pay the fines, and continued polluting the air – business as usual.

Now, they have asked the Village to expand their operations by allowing a second quarry on the five-acre parcel located next to the current quarry (which is basically not profitable anymore, due to the fact that the majority of accessible stone had already been removed, thus making it too costly to operate).

Let’s say you had a dog that bit you. Would you scold him for his behavior, or would you reward him with a steak?

The Small quarry’s practices in the past have proven they have no consideration or regard for our community. Why should we believe they will in the future?

The parcel in which they want to start the second quarry is even closer to some residential neighborhoods. This includes 70+ single family homes, Stony Ridge Condos, Orchard Point Condos, Greystone Apartments, Blackstone Harbor Apartments, Hearthside Retirement Home and more.

In addition to the above, there will be many more that will be adversely affected. The residents of the 40+ homes in the Forest Lane and Woodland Drive area, Coachlite Inn, Jerry’s Flowers, Pirate’s Cove, Shopko, Open Hearth Lodge (beautiful addition, by the way), Aurora Clinic, Johnson Park, and the luxury apartments currently being built in back of Johnson Park.

Studies have shown property values drop significantly the closer you live to a quarry. This is due primarily to the noise, and air pollution a quarry produces. All that have been mentioned in this letter are located within one mile of the quarry.

The amount of dust/ash that is carried with the wind is significant, and covers everything. Do you want to go into a shop for a half hour, only to come out to find your car covered in ash? How about a stay for a couple nights at one of our beautiful hotels in the area? Let’s bring the kids to play outside in the dust and ash of Sister Bay! Better yet, breathe the air day in and out for years as a tax paying resident of our lovely village! Who knows, maybe your health can be compromised in the process!

Am I ranting? Yes. We all should be.

Please let the Village Board of Trustees of Sister Bay (the Village Board) know how you feel. Sign the petition; I have one available to sign. Write a letter (PO Box 769, Sister Bay, WI 54234) or attend the meeting scheduled on the evening of Tuesday, Oct. 20.

Janet Janisse

Sister Bay, Wis.

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