Letter ti the Editor: Vote for Hayes

Having grown up in Sturgeon Bay and having practiced medicine in Sturgeon Bay for 40 years, I have a strong connection to the Sturgeon Bay community and care about the issues and leadership in the city. Over 25 years, David Hayes has demonstrated his ability to serve his community, as a city planner/developer, Navy medic, archeologist, and small business owner. His ability to develop community based ideas and visions by reaching out to all voices in the community demonstrates he knows how to listen and lead. His experience with environmental studies from Alaska to Florida makes it clear that he knows how to support and protect our natural resources. He also knows how to bring our community together to unify and heal. As a concerned citizen who cares about Sturgeon Bay and the environment I feel that David Hayes would be a good choice to bring his vision and experience to Sturgeon Bay’s city council. Please vote for David Hayes, District 2, Alderman.


John J. Beck MD

Sturgeon Bay, Wis.

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