Letter to the Editor: Save Eagle Tower Update

Our Save Eagle Tower petition has reached 1,232 signatures. The petition was created and circulated by Door Property Owners. The comments show that the majority of people would like the tower restored. Our petition has been sent to Governor Walker, Senator Frank Lasee, Jean Romback Bartels (DNR-NE WI Director), Senator Robert Cowles and Representative Joel Kitchens. It is posted as a blog on

The April 2015 Edge Eagle Tower Condition Report has been posted on It is also available on the DNR website. The pictures and diagrams are very powerful. Please read, assess and view the pictures. The Door Property Owners Board feels that had the tower been properly maintained over the years, we might not be in this position now. It appears to be a victim of neglect due to inadequate funding.

The tower is a prize asset/crown jewel of the Department of Natural Resources. It is obvious that routine maintenance on the steps and railings was ignored for many years. The Department of Natural Resources neglected their responsibilities. Despite its size and popularity, Peninsula State Park has only three full-time employees.

Edge Consulting Engineers have been scheduled to do an ultrasound and x-rays of the four main support beams. Analysis of the uprights was cancelled again in December. Nothing can be decided until Edge conducts this examination.

We hope that alternatives to tearing it down would be considered. Could the beams be replaced with steel? They would rust naturally and blend in with the wood. Another committee member wondered if weak areas could be injected with an epoxy that would encapsulate or a gel/resin to reinforce the beams. All possibilities depend upon what the EDGE consultants find during their assessment.

The steps and railings could be reinforced or replaced with metal. Decking could be replaced with low maintenance composite boards (made from recycled plastic jugs). These boards are eco-friendly. There are no harmful chemicals; no painting or staining is necessary.

The DPO Board would like to see Eagle Tower removed from the DNR’s long range plan. This report has been the DNR’s excuse for a slow response. We feel that the funds raised at Peninsula State Park should have been used to maintain this phenomenal asset. We have hit a brick wall. We will keep an eye on the DNR website and our state representative’s reports. Watch the DPO and Friends Facebook pages. Any and all news will be posted on the website. It is very sad that Eagle Tower is now an icon of neglect. State Senator Frank Lasee wanted Eagle Tower reopened by Memorial Day 2016. If you feel strongly about preserving Eagle Tower feel free to contact our state representatives.


Kathleen Vavra, vice president
, Door Property of Owners Board of Directors

Sturgeon Bay, Wis.

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