Letter to the Editor: Don’t Bully Me Into Fear

I glance through the obituaries every so often (just to make sure I wasn’t in it). Most of the people I usually don’t know. Some I am familiar with. Anybody I’m close to I already know about.

Few directly relate to the causes but old age and its associated maladies appear to be the main culprit. Younger folks appear to succumb to cancer or some other debilitating affliction. Some, in reading between the lines, seem to be accident victims.

I figure the obituaries in this newspaper are very similar to any other obituary in any similar newspaper in any similar community at any given random week.

This is totally unscientific (some folks don’t like science out there but that’s another letter) and anecdotal but what I notice is that people die from what people have been dying from for ages. I do not ever see an instance where such and such person was the victim of a “terrorist act.”

So I am assured that when I meet my Maker, it’s probably going to be by one of those mundane occurrences that do me in and not something quite so exciting as a terrorist attack.

So I am going to live out my days as such, without fear of the unlikely that many insist that I should fear.

And of course, I will vote as such. My ears are deaf to the fear mongers. I am not going to elect somebody who is so afraid that they may up and invade some country on false pretenses (like that’s never happened). Don’t bully me into fear. That does not represent leadership to me.


Karl W. Bokelmann

Baileys Harbor, Wis.




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