Letter to the Editor: A Better Solution Than Stopping Dog and Cat Sales

This is a response to a news item from Wisconsin Public Radio, and published in the June 28, 2019 issue of the Peninsula Pulse newspaper.

The subject in question is a bill authored by state representative LaKeshia Myers (D-Milwaukee), that would prohibit pet stores from selling dogs and cats, beginning Jan. 1. President and CEO Mike Bober of the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council, which represents breeders, distributors, and retailers, is worried that pet stores will be put out of business, should this bill become law.

On the east and west coast cities of our country, obtaining felines and canines from pet mills for placement and sale in pet stores has been replaced by partnerships forged between the pet stores and rescues and shelters. This has proven to be a win/win situation on three levels. Puppy mills are being put out of business…which is a great thing (if you are not aware of the horrors of “factory” bred canines, please educate yourself on this issue)…, the pet stores continue to enjoy prosperity, and so many lives are saved as moving animals from a shelter or rescue frees up room to accommodate the never ending flow of homeless animals. Every day in the United States nearly 2200 healthy animals are killed simply because there is no room “at the inn.” Every Day. Two thousand two hundred innocent souls.

I do not believe that pet stores should be banned from selling cats and dogs, but they should be required to provide complete information about where those animals came from. If they were obtained through breeding mills then, Yes: Throw the book at ’em. Fine them, broadcast their crimes far and wide, and then put them out of business if they continue along that dark path.

Sharon Thill

Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin