Letter to the Editor: A Clear Reason for a Nonpartisan Solution

Gov. Tony Evers’ budget address on Feb. 16 was bold and inclusive. He covered many topics of urgent concern to Wisconsinites: difficult issues that should be genuinely debated in the Legislature.

And here’s where gerrymandering rears its ugly head. There is little chance that the current Republican Legislature will even debate the governor’s proposals. Because their seats are safe, they don’t have to seriously consider what the majority of us want.

This is unacceptable. We deserve elected people who actually grapple with the issues and do their best to meet our needs. We desperately need a “nonpartisan redistricting commission” to ensure Fair Maps for voting in Wisconsin, or we will continue to have ineffective, one-party, minority-driven government.

Please take a moment to call or write our state representatives, Rep. Joel Kitchens and Sen. André Jacque. Urge them to sign on as cosponsors to bills that will soon be introduced to establish a nonpartisan redistricting commission.

Remind them that 72% of Wisconsinites want a nonpartisan commission, including 63% of Republicans and 76% of independents (according to a 2019 Marquette Law School poll).

Recall that 55 of Wisconsin’s 72 counties, including Door, have sent resolutions to the Legislature requesting a redistricting commission. And that in 28 counties where Fair Maps referenda were on the ballot, including Door, “yes” votes easily won.

With such overwhelming public support for a nonpartisan solution to decennial redistricting battles, why haven’t we seen action? Because it’s up to the current Legislature, which cemented its control in 2011 – a perfect example of gerrymandered power.

We will have to shout even louder to get their attention. Please add your voice because maps from the 2020 census will determine our voting districts for the next decade.

Karen Wilson

Juddville, Wisconsin