Letter to the Editor: A Definition

For those of us who have felt like we have been standing in knee-deep mud for the last few months, we should consider a few things at this time. We the people, from all the political parties, are going to breathe a sigh of relief when this is over, but we are all worried and wonder what will become of us.

The word “narcissists” has been used a lot the last year so I decided to look the word up. It’s amazing that it has so many meanings; unfortunately most of them are not good. Narcissists’ faults tend to become even more pronounced as they become more successful. Here are just a few traits:

  • Become extraordinarily sensitive; show emotion to slightest criticism; bruise easily
  • Cannot tolerate dissent and fight back with public humiliation
  • Poor listener; not known for empathy
  • Relentless and ruthless in pursuit of victory
  • Rather than dialogue they make pronouncements
  • Think they are better at everything and better than others
  • Do best in sales positions, usually only rise to the top by starting their own company
  • Prominence of their image whether in print, pictures, etc.
  • Can lead to dictatorship

Does this sound like anyone that you know that is running for president? Does it sound like someone who can be controlled once he is in office? Do you really think this person can decide what is best for the average American? Do you want this person representing us to world leaders especially when he has few regrets and can be brutally exploitative?

History has shown that the narcissist dictators that have ruled have led their countries down a path that did not end well. So what I do know is that we are already a great country. Sure we have problems that need to be fixed and improved on, but we have to work together to fix them.

We have had eight years of a Congress that has basically done nothing; cooperation and compromise were not in their vocabulary. It is us, as voters and Americans, to make them do their jobs. I know that this year is the most troubling election we have ever faced but we can look at it like this: do we at least want someone with experience on the global front, someone who does not make fun of people less fortunate, a person who does not spread fear and hate for your fellow man? Follow what is in your heart not necessarily your party when it comes to this presidential election. Only we can make change happen.


Carol Schmidt

Baileys Harbor, Wis.


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