Letter to the Editor: A Letter to Main Street Market Customers

Thank you for being cooperative during these hard times. Things have been chaotic since we closed our doors and asked you to leave your shopping to us. We were not prepared for anything like a global pandemic to happen, so we are still trying to adjust to this new life. Our system isn’t perfect, but nothing is. 

Even though we try our hardest to fulfill your grocery orders, we are still going to make mistakes. There are going to be days when we are late or we run out of something, and we will try our best to make up for it; however, we can’t read minds. 

We have been doing everything we can to stay safe. We wear masks and gloves, and every hour we wash our hands. Then, after hours, we clean and sanitize everything. 

The main reason I want you to walk in my shoes is to see what goes on inside the store: to see how hard we work to make sure you get each item on your list and to make sure that you get your groceries on time. Many people, including me, are taking on tasks that we normally wouldn’t. All I’m asking is that you remember that no matter how much we try, mistakes happen, and this is still new to us. 

Even though it seems like we are closed, our doors have been open for 33 years, and that is not stopping now. We are still working hard to make sure we have what you need. Thank you for taking a walk in our shoes. 

Sophia Bley 

Main Street Market student employee, Egg Harbor 

Editor’s Note: Sophia Bley is a high school student at Sevastopol School. She wrote this letter as part of an English assignment in which students were asked to write a letter to someone they wanted to walk in their shoes.