Letter to the Editor: A New Day is Here

Sturgeon Bay had been living under the dark cloud of behind closed-door meeting. Sometimes with members over looking unethical and even illegal behavior. There are gaggles of people in this community who still think it is OK to act like that. Their bullying performances in those meetings and outside even went to the extent that they accused good citizens of this community of wrongdoing by setting the Department of Justice on them in order to intimidate them, try to quiet their voices.

Even now they think it is OK to continually throw up expensive and time consuming roadblocks to stop visions that aren’t theirs from happening. This is old school and small minded. It is being stuck in the muck of an economic vision that doesn’t work. It has gotten us in trouble, financially and with the law and continually leaves out the future generations of Sturgeon Bay.

Well a new day is here. The public is looking for leadership that opens the curtains and lets in the light of goodwill, best practices, and a new vision, leadership that expects that from each other and encourages it in the citizens they represent. Most of our current city council works towards this end now. They fight hard to move Sturgeon Bay forward.

But even with their efforts the morale in our city and the community needs help. There is a division that needs mending. We need a person at the helm who reaches out into the community, a person who make things happen with the excitement of knowing our potential.

Because we are small the issues we have here are even more apparent and the impact of our decisions are more immediate. We have the energy, enthusiasm, the intelligence and all the contacts we need to bring Sturgeon Bay into the light.

Thank goodness we have people running for city council seats in this election that represent this new way of thinking. People who can continue the fight against the old, outdated visions of those still living in the past. Please vote on April 2 for Shawn Fairchild. He can bring this community together. More than anyone, he has the skills to do it.

Kathleen Finnerty,

Sturgeon Bay, Wis.