Letter to the Editor: A Note to Tom Perez

A note to Tom Perez, Chair of the Democratic National Committee …

Helloo!!!! Are you there?

You missed a golden opportunity to push back against a singularly shameful episode from the President regarding the four House Congresspersons who recently were the targets of his tweets.

Of course, the goal, as always, is to defeat him in November of 2020. Strategically, the DNC should be monitoring his words and deeds in order to a) Push back against the lies and b) Remind the American people of his disgraceful behavior as President.

Tactically, the most egregious episodes should be highlighted with a full page ad in USA Today. Why USA Today? Because it is likely viewed as a fair platform and robs him of the opportunity to use either “failing New York Times” or “Amazon owned Washington Post”, which could dilute the message.

For example, this ad could feature pictures of the four Congresspersons and highlight the facts that a) All are American citizens and b) Three of the four were born here. Then go on to remind the readers of the President’s racist, shameful behavior and b) The principles of equality, justice and fair play that guide the Democratic party.

The DNC cannot be pre-occupied with the debates and primaries. You cannot sit back and view events from the sidelines. You must be a fast responding, active participant, especially in episodes like this that capture one or two news cycles.

Gary Sedan

Egg Harbor, Wisconsin