Letter to the Editor: A Plea from Habitation Door

While Destination Door seems to have become the mission of local governments and every small-business owner under the hazy sun, there are those of us who are part of Habitation Door, and we are apparently children of a lesser god.

Bay Shore Drive is a residential area. Why is the speed limit 45 mph on certain parts of the road when all of it is a residential area? It would be one thing if the seemingly endless stream of traffic went at or under said limit, but I am here to tell you that the vast majority does not, which exacerbates the second major problem: noise. 

Motorcycles are the worst offenders, racing by with radios playing at full volume to be heard over aftermarket exhaust systems, and almost always in groups. The annoying short-term renter disregarding all rules of civility is bad enough for the immediate neighbors, but this is a mobile nuisance that affects all of the residents. 

People walk here. People ride bicycles here. People are trying to relax here. People live here. It is unsafe here. These problems persist throughout the week but become intolerable on weekends.

I offer solutions to both issues. The speed limit should be 35 mph for the entire length of Bay Shore Drive, and enforce it. Enact a noise ordinance, and enforce it. 

In the extreme, the county could erect sawhorse barricades at County BB from Sturgeon Bay to County G in Egg Harbor from Friday through Monday mornings that state “Road Closed: Local Traffic Only” – and enforce it. The road is so closed for certain major events during the tourist season, but what seems forgotten by those in positions of influence is that there is a major event occurring every day of the year for the residents. It is called life.

As the extraordinary William Blake wrote, “You never know what is enough unless you know what is more than enough.”

Louis “Luther” Perdoni
Sevastopol, Wisconsin