Letter to the Editor: A Plea to Lodging Partners

Dear all lodging partners in Door County (hotels, motels, STRs, Airbnbs),

Although the statewide order did not force us to close our doors, it is important to remember to do what is right for the health of the community at this critical and pivotal time. There is a nonessential travel ban in place for a reason: The more people travel to our area, the more the virus is being spread. The more the virus spreads, the more people will die.

Let me say that again: People. Will. Die.

Vacationers have no business here right now. Zero. None. We should all be discouraging nonessential travel. All of us! We need to work together.

Just because the bureaucracy didn’t force us to all close down doesn’t mean we shouldn’t use our own common sense and act in the best interests of the greater good.

Our industry is not unique in being financially hit hard by this global pandemic, but it is unique in that there will be a temptation to take advantage of those who are not taking this situation seriously to put a few bucks in the bank. It simply isn’t worth it!

Every tourism dollar you bring in not only could be costing someone their life, but is also prolonging the amount of time the economy will stay paralyzed in its current crippled state.

Show some solidarity. Please do what’s right. Stop putting the community at risk! Stop prolonging the damage and the ability of everyone to be able to resume their lives and provide for their families.

Decisions contrary to this will be proven to be on the wrong side of history, and that is something you will need to reckon with for the rest of your lives. Unfortunately, so will the rest of us, too. #InItTogether

melaniejane, Holiday Music Motel

Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin