Letter to the Editor: A Suggested Gift for America

Having never been overly politically active in my life, it pains me to say what is on my mind right now, but I can’t keep quiet any longer. 

Last month was America’s birthday, back on July Fourth. I believe the best gift we could give all Americans is to impeach Joe Biden immediately. The man looks to me like he is severely cognitively challenged, and I think he’s no longer fit for his office. 

Gaffes, stumblings, bumblings, and, after five years of investigation, we are all supposed to believe he knows nothing about his son’s business dealings? Come on, man! That is completely laughable! 

Only the corrupt mainstream media’s protection has allowed this to go on as long as it has. It’s way past time to drain the swamp.

Thad Tremble 
Luxemburg, Wisconsin