Letter to the Editor: A Vote for Evers Is A Vote for Wisconsin

Scott Walker has turned his back on the people of Wisconsin. Under his tenure, money for education has lessened while tax credits benefitting large corporations and wealthy donors have increased. Our infrastructure has declined (though am I the only one who has noticed an increase in road work leading up to the election? What about the last eight years?)

Budget austerity and “regulation cuts” have dismantled environmental protections so we now have increased “allowable” levels of air and water pollution while cutting back on DNR staff qualified to monitor these levels. By valuing fossil fuels over renewable energy, Walker has increased dirty air while contributing to climate change. At the same time our state parks, belonging ┬áto all the people and jewels of our Natural Heritage, are underfunded, poorly staffed and being privatized while fees are raised making these public lands less available to all citizens.

In health care Walker and his Attorney General Brad Schimel are leaders in the lawsuit (entered in our name) to eliminate the Affordable Care Act with its coverage of pre-existing conditions. Walker says talk of pre-existing conditions is a “distraction.” I suspect not for those trying to find coverage in the face of these conditions.

Walker is working for himself and his supporters. I support Tony Evers who has pledged to restore our proud history of outstanding education, a pristine and sustainable environment and caring for all the people of Wisconsin.


Gloria Dougherty

Ellison Bay, Wis.

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