Letter to the Editor: A Vote for Frostman

On June 12 we have the privilege and responsibility to vote for our missing representation in Wisconsin’s Special Election for Senate District 1. We will do this again in November’s regular election. I am thrilled to express my support for Caleb Frostman! I have known of Caleb since elementary school. He turned out to be the outstanding man of integrity, intellect and work ethic that was apparent back then. He played well with others and still does – in a nonpartisan manner.

Caleb Frostman has a successful background in the private sector in business and finance as well as in community service ingrained in his core by his family. Caleb gave up his current position as executive director of the Door County Economic Development Corporation that helps businesses start and grow in order to run for the senate. He will continue to address those issues legislatively. Caleb is committed to improving the quality of jobs in our community as well as the quantity. He believes in ensuring middle and working classes achieve dignified lives. Caleb has personally experienced the disparity of results for the same degree of effort between those in high finance and those working multiple part-time jobs trying to build a life.

An avid outdoorsman, Caleb fishes and hunts and is endorsed by Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America. As a gun owner himself Caleb says, “Gun owners need to be part of the solution in making our communities safe.”

In print and other media interviews Caleb has discussed the significance of quality education at every level. Affordable health care for all, affordable child care, inclusivity of our diverse population, building our infrastructure and protecting our environment and natural resources are important issues to Caleb.

Caleb is interested in listening to and learning from all constituents in Senate District 1. Whether farmer or fisher, welder or weaver, banker or brewmaster, all of us will have representation.

Vote ‘Frostman for Senate’ June 12.

Margaret O’Harrow

Sturgeon Bay, Wis.

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