Letter to the Editor: Accountability Required to Keep This Republican Party Member

Like everyone else concerned about our democracy, I watched in horror as a vicious mob stormed the Capitol. After watching it unfold on TV for two hours, it became too upsetting, and I had to turn off the TV. I turned it back on at 8 pm and still saw some of our legislators question the validity of my vote, even though they knew better. We all saw and heard the president of the United States incite this mob by spewing the lies these legislators continued to spew. 

Now the spin begins. One of our Wisconsin representatives doesn’t want to hold anyone accountable because it would be too divisive. Hello! How do they think despots gain control of a country? Fox News commentators reported that the mob we saw on TV wasn’t really a mob: They just went to knock on the door to watch. The internet wants to blame antifa – the anti-fascist movement. This was fascism with no “anti” involved!

Where have honor and love of country gone? Where are the folks who were so upset when a football player kneels during the national anthem? They must be enraged to see a mob savage the national Capitol using the flag to beat police officers.

A shakedown of Georgia’s election officials and sending a mob to disrupt our peaceful transition of power is more than I can tolerate. This is one registered Republican voter who is ready to dump my affiliation with the party if our Republican legislators are not willing to hold their cohorts and the president responsible for their actions. I suspect that I will not be the only one.

Nancy Nehring

Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin