Letter to the Editor: Adding to the History of Gilbert Farms

As the family historian, I would like to add to the article in the Peninsula Pulse about Gilbert Farms (“A Visit with Gilbert Farms,” July 24). 

In 1878, John Gilbert, with his wife and two young sons, set off from his father’s farm in Germantown with a loaded wagon pulled by a team of oxen. They followed a rough road along the lakeshore, headed for Door County. He had purchased 80 acres on what is now east County T, northeast of Sturgeon Bay. What a journey! How many miles were traveled each day? Eating, sleeping, feeding the oxen on the way. Such determination. I like to think that also has been passed on through the generations.

My grandsons are the sixth generation, keeping this farm in the family for 142 years. Each generation builds in its own time of dedication, determination and intelligent decisions to succeed, with a few mistakes in between. This is what we pass on to future generations. Farm life gives us so much, and we try to pass it on. It is all priceless.

Thank you, Patty Williamson (the writer of the story) and the Peninsula Pulse.

Margaret M. Gilbert

Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin