Letter to the Editor: Advocacy Group in Favor of Back Forty Mine

The Natural Resource Development Association is an advocacy group of concerned citizens who believe that the environment and economy not only complement one another but should help communities thrive. Responsible resource development is the hallmark of a strong economy and a clean environment. When these two elements move forward hand in hand, a community creates the fundamental building blocks for success.

A recent writer expressed his frustration with a mining project [“For the Back 40 Mine, Local Concern Is a Matter of Distance,” Nov. 1, 2019]. Unfortunately, his concerns, he said, were based on an anti-mining professor’s rhetoric rather than proven, 21st-century science and technology. 

Mining has come a long way during the last 40 years. Through 21st-century technology, mining has advanced, and industry priorities toward affected communities have shifted to a more transparent and inclusive model.

Aquila Resources, which owns the Back Forty Mine, has expressed a strong commitment to responsible environmental management across all of its business activities, including exploration, construction, operations and closure. It is proactive in its approach to protecting the environment, especially in protecting and conserving the Menominee River watershed and the natural resources the community depends on.

Aquila continues to work with local communities to ensure that safe and environmentally sound resource development is the standard in the Back Forty Mine. Aquila Resources has showcased through impeccable engineering plans how the Back Forty Mine will not only be a beacon of economic growth for the Upper Peninsula and beyond, but also how it will accomplish this in an environmentally conscious way.

Everyone recognizes and understands the importance of responsibly extracting natural resources from the mine and preserving the environment that is so vital to all who live in the region. At the Natural Resource Development Association, we want to support educational initiatives and engage in a conversation about modern mining. Rather than insult Michigan and Wisconsin residents, we invite you to join us by supporting the latest science and technology that help to provide for responsible resource development.

Nathan Conrad, Executive Director

Natural Resource Development Association