Letter to the Editor: Again, Very Interesting

I almost wasn’t going to respond to Scotty Watts letter from April 6th, but I also find the politics in Fish Creek pretty interesting.

The most interesting thing to me is that the real issue regarding the parking lot project in Fish Creek isn’t the lot itself, but the fact that not one single permit was issued before the clear cutting began. Not one.  Not one department was consulted. Not the DNR, Door County Zoning, Storm Water Specialist, Wetlands and Waterways Specialist, or even the Land Grant Specialist, since there are four grants on the land disturbed. Like it or not Scotty, it’s the law. The Town Board Chairman can claim he was “unaware” of this fact, although his signature is required on every permit submitted. Tough to shift the blame on that one but I guess that’s ok with those that benefit from the project.  

I guess nobody would disagree that the recent renovations in town have been a welcome face lift for “decaying” buildings, but guess what? They all obtained permits necessary for building improvements. Even the building contractor for the “hideous yellow condos” followed the law.  I’m sure the “new and excited crop of business owners” are doing the same thing (well, almost all of them anyway) and applying for the permits necessary for their businesses. It’s after all, the right thing to do.

I guess that using a candidate’s own words on a postcard is a smear campaign, but Tom Thurman can circulate a mailing to the public filled with his own words, opinions, and criticism of another candidate. He’s another example of an individual not wanting to be confused with the facts. His reference to “vacation home owners” almost makes one wonder, do our tax dollars go into some special fund and not spent the same way as resident dollars? Does the money we spend in restaurants, businesses, community support, etc. not make a difference? It’s almost as if Mr. Thurman thinks vacationers have no right to speak up. Again, pretty interesting, since we were the ones that spent countless hours on the phone talking with the appropriate departments involved.

Fish Creek definitely has a lot going on right now, the beach project and bath house, proposed new pier at the beach, the highway improvement project, and, yes, the parking lot. Public input will hopefully be considered in some of these designs, along with others in the near future. Pay attention folks, take the time to come to meetings and don’t rely on local chatter. Get the facts. If you can’t attend, bring a zip drive to the Town Clerk and get the audio from the meeting. Waiting for the approval of previous meetings and the posting of such minutes can take more than six weeks, too late to weigh in on some issues. We learned the hard way. Or, I guess, you can listen to Scotty Watts of Baileys Harbor.  

Elizabeth Haack

Fish Creek, Wis.

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